About Me

Harriett Hritz’s painting approach is impressionistic and expressive, using loose gestural strokes of paint, charcoal, and oil pastels. Her work is inspired by the Impressionists, particularly Claude Monet’s love of nature, and finesse with color and light, and Vincent van Gogh’s vivid landscapes and dramatic, impulsive brushwork.

I am fascinated with the play of color, pattern, and light found in nature. I draw my inspiration by photographing landscapes and using those images to interpret and paint in a gestural style, playing with bold color and energetic strokes to capture nature’s beauty.

Harriett was born in Naples, Florida and studied Graphic Design at Ringling School of Art & Design. Over the past 35+ years as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Creative Director, her design ideation and creative concepts have helped clients and non-profits to develop narratives and strategies that reflect their mission and build their brand.

Her lifelong passion for fine art called her to explore color, light, and scale, with a recent deeper focus on paintings within a series. Her new series, Sunshine and Lollipops, imagines the vibrant skies and rich hues of cloud formations juxtaposed with color raining down. She finds pure joy in mixing paint and adding washes of color and oil pastel to the canvas, evoking both surprise and delight. 

Harriett’s paintings Sunshine & Lollipops and Colour Reigns are shared on two Napa wine labels in the September/October 2021 Crush Collection. majorcrushwines.com



Art Center Sarasota / Florida
Common Ground 9/3/2020
Peer Juried Exhibition
Honorable Mention
Lido Beach Daisy 2020

Art Center Sarasota / Florida
Here Comes the Sun 7/23/2021
Juried Regional Exhibition
Third Place
Sunshine & Lollipops 2021